lies9kToday is the day we take online dating back from the phishers and the phonies.
We’ve heard from thousands of online daters around the world who have shed a very bright light on the massive problems associated with the online dating experience. Stories of heartbreak, fraud, stalking and stealing, and of course the lies, lies, lies. Just browsing the headlines from the past few months alone is enough to make you give up online dating for good.

But starting today, we’re arming online daters with a new way to guard against the bad apples. bTru is for anyone looking for an authentic connection. It’s a place for you to quickly and easily get to know someone – without sharing your contact information, full name, or accepting a ‘friend request’ through your personal social networking sites.

When you invite someone to connect on bTru, you can text and call, view current and unaltered photos, browse through the basics like marital status, career and education, and even run a background check. All BEFORE your full identity is ever revealed.

And this is just the beginning. We don’t think anyone should be blind on their first date. So we won’t be satisfied with our app until honesty is restored to online dating, and everyone has a fair shot at a true connection.

Happy dating,
The bTru team