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Feb 2, 2015 – bTru, Mobile App, Brings Honesty to Online Dating (view release)

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Huffington Post
Huffington Post  – 4 Ways Online Dating Isn’t So Scary

“Recently, I discovered bTru, an app that allows singles to not only call their date from within the app without divulging their phone number but also run an employment level background check on them.” 

YourTangoFinally…An App That Brings Truth to Online Dating!

bTru has created a mobile dating tool designed to ensure that users arrive at a first date excited about the possibilities for establishing a fulfilling human connection, not worried about whether or not their prospective partner truly is who they say they are. The mobile app allows for discreet interacting at all times, and thanks to bTru’s inherent compatibility with a variety of other popular dating apps (Tinder, Match, and all your favorites), it’s possible to incorporate bTru’s functionality into the dating process whenever you are ready.” – If You Live in One of These Cities, Beware of Online Dating Scammers

“bTru works alongside any online dating site or mobile app,  bTru, is dedicated to bringing transparency to digital dating by allowing users to screen, chat and flirt without the worries of uncertainty. With the slogan “don’t be blind on your first date”, bTru lets members view information about their dates generated from credible sources of data, look at genuine photos stamped with locations and dates, communicate through voice and chat features, run easy background checks – all while keeping their full contact details and identity private.”

The Examiner – Frustrated With Online Dating? Here’s an App With An Answer

“bTru provides singles with the ability to weed out scammers and liars before a date occurs.”