About bTru

See who people really are

bTru is a first-of-its-kind dating app that makes it easy to see who people really are. We offer singles a powerful way to help guard themselves against dishonest daters, and quickly create authentic and meaningful connections. You can quickly learn more about the people you meet online and determine if a date would be appropriate.

Bringing authenticity to online dating

We are about creating authentic relationships. Save time before you go on a first date by knowing if the person you’re considering on any dating app or website is the real deal. Consolidate all the people you meet into one app. Talk and text through the app without giving out your phone number. See real, recent and unedited photos and view details about them from their social media profiles.

How do I meet other people, using the app?

bTru provides more insights and allows for better communication with the people you meet, whatever the source (ie. a dating app, website, or at a bar). Once you find someone that you are interested in, give them your bTru username, or send them your personal bTru connection link, allowing them to connect with you on bTru.

Once on bTru, you’ll both have access to each other’s bTru profile and free texting and calling features. This way you can determine who and what they are truly about and you’ll be able to chat with them. If there’s still chemistry, you can set-up a date.

It’s Free to download and use

You can download bTru for free from the apple itunes and google play stores.